Patented invention

Mr. Planter

Mr. Planter enables domestic cultivation of herbs and plants. The hydroponic system with its components provides individual adaptation to the stages of growth of the plant.

Practical nebulization of the nutrient solution
In the lower part of the Mr. Planter, the nutrient solution is nebulized and can thus reach the roots of the plants without putting them under water.
Silent application
A special nebulizing nozzle ensures that the ultrasonic transducer generates hardly any noise.
Coloured LEDS
The coloured LEDs cover the full light spectrum and support different growth phases of plants and herbs.
For many plant sizes
Since the height of the lamp can be easily adjusted, Mr. Planter can also accommodate more and larger plants at the same time.


Mr. Planter consists of five components, which together form the hydroponic system:

LED's in multiple spectra to mimic sunrise and sunset


The lamp is used for optimal lighting of plants regardless of location.

variable distance between lamp and plant

Lamp neck

The lamp neck enables the stable attachment of the lamp above the nutrient tray.
Possible substrate: soil, organic growing cubes, foam, expanded clay, etc.

Substrate holder

The substrate holder houses the planters, which are only reached by the mist and are not immersed in the nutrient solution.

Ultrasonic transducer atomizes nutrient solution into fine mist

Nutrient tray

The nutrient tray gets filled with nutrient solution, which is needed for plant growth.

Nebulizing unit

Ultrasonic transducers can atomize liquids into fine mists. Fog is favorable for plant cultivation in small systems

Plants need oxygen to grow optimally and to reduce root damage. To enrich the nutrient solution with oxygen, it is usually renewed regularly or pumps are used.

Mist is oxygen-rich, so sinking fog enriches the nutrient solution with oxygen. This reduces manual effort because the nutrient solution needs to be replaced less frequently. In addition, unlike pumps, ultrasonic transducers operate in the non-audible frequency range and are therefore considerably quieter. The only source of noise is the splashing of larger water droplets, which are unavoidable when generating fog with commercially available ultrasonic transducers. A special nozzle helps in this case.

The nozzle reduces the splashing noise caused by larger water drops. It has a special shape: a cylinder closed at the top and waisted (narrowed) in the upper third. The sides of the cylinder have vertical slits below the waist. Water droplets hit the closed top of the nozzle and run off the waisted side surfaces. This prevents them from dripping into the nutrient solution.

Noiseless plant cultivation

Mr. Planter convinces with several advantages compared to existing products on the market. More information about the advantages of the invention can be found here:


Silently working fogger/ Nebulizer

The nebulizer consists of an ultrasonic atomizer and an atomizer attachment. Due to its special shape, the attachment prevents larger drops of liquid from falling down noisily, but instead running noiselessly along the inner wall.

This stops the dripping and splashing noise.

opaque liquid

For plant cultivation (using aerosols), a trough-shaped, opaque liquid container is provided to hold a nutrient solution. Light can cause lignification of roots and the nutrient tray of the invention prevents this process.

plant supply

Plants need oxygen to grow optimally and to reduce root damage (often visible as rotting due to "waterlogging"). The integrated ultrasonic transducer atomizes liquids into a fine mist.

Mist is oxygen-rich, so sinking mist oxygenates the nutrient solution. This reduces manual effort, as the nutrient solution needs to be changed less frequently.

Substrate holder for multiple plants

The design of the substrate holder can be adjusted, depending on how many plant containers are to be accommodated in it. It ensures that the plant containers are not immersed in the nutrient solution. The atomizer attachment can be attached to the substrate holder in such a way that it can then be used as a stand for the substrate holder during cleaning (e.g. for placing in the sink).

perfect lighting

By selective control of the different LEDs, there is the possibility that the user can adjust the light color according to his needs. This can also be used effectively to imitate sunrise and sunset, for example.

Thus, different light spectra are covered, which are needed for individual growth stages of the plants.

Easy commissioning

The system is set up and connected and then works automatically without further calibration by the user. Depending on the size and number of plants, the nutrient solution must be refilled at regular intervals (every 1-2 weeks). This can be done through an opening in the substrate holder or by lifting the substrate holder.

Mr. Planter is easy to clean inside and outside due to the smooth and easily accessible surfaces.

Alternative Application

The nozzle above the ultrasonic transducer could also be interesting for other applications. For example, to reduce the rippling noise of humidifiers and indoor fountains (which contain foggers). It would also be conceivable to use the combination of ultrasonic transducer and nozzle instead of air compressors/pumps to oxygenate aquariums. In this way not only the plants live in a calmer place but also the fish.

3D Visualizations


ATTENTION:The following 3D visualizations show the produced mist rising from the inside of the device. This is not intended for the final product!
The mist remains in the nutrient tray and does not escape upwards over the substrate pots!!!

The mist was presented in this way, to show the application in the inside of Mr. Planter. We aimed for a specific look in which Mr. Planter doesn't to look like a conventional plant pot.

Property right


Type of protection: GER patent registration
Reference number: 10 2022 104 106.9
Date of registration: 22.02.2022

Main claim:Atomizing device with an ultrasonic atomizer (1) and an atomizer attachment (2), characterized in that

- the atomizer attachment (2) is formed in the shape of a hollow barrel body (3), wherein the barrel body (3) has a closed cover surface (4) at a first end region, and wherein the ultrasonic atomizer (1) is arranged at a second end region of the barrel body (3) opposite the first end region,

- at least one outlet opening (7) is made in a jacket wall formed between the first and second end regions of the barrel body (3), and

- the barrel body (3) has a full circumferential constriction (6) of the shell wall between the first and second end regions.

Functional Model


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